We are now blogging about redevelopment for Bangor Daily News

We are excited to announce that Kevin is now blogging about all things redevelopment for Bangor Daily News. You can check out his blog, Redeveloping Maine, here

Here is an excerpt from his inaugural post

Downtowns exude life and reflect the values of those who live there. People would live, create, eat and work in the downtowns prior to the 1980s, when a long slow decline started. In the downtown was everything you could want, it had its own micro-economy and culture. The downtown was the sacred spaces of commerce because they were so personal, so closely knit.
Downtowns are now in full resurgence. This blog will detail the stories of communities, business and individuals who are engaged in this revival. Through their stories I hope to show a perspective on Maine commerce and life that is unique and compelling. The redevelopment of an old structure may pave the way to a local solution to problems of food insecurity, affordable housing, business incubation or the creation of “new economy” jobs. Everyone likes to see an old building saved, it seems like an old friend that has been given a second lease on life. But the implications of who is using the building, and why, may be much more far reaching. I hope to explore those implications.