We welcome Alicia Cram as Operations Director

ALY CRAM HEAdSHOT 10.28.16-11153.jpg

We are extraordinarily happy to welcome Aly Cram as our Director of Operations.

Aly brings to Dirigo a penchant for organization, systems and policy development, a hard-working attitude, and experience in community outreach and brand delivery.

She has spent the last 10 years in Event Production and operations management, most recently as a core member of Bar Harbor Catering Company. While in that position she developed a talent and passion for providing excellence in her work through the company’s low-key adage, “good enough, isn’t.” She says this concept alone has come to shape her perception of how to do business, and how become a better person for it. 

Aly grew up in the Bangor area. Having attended Eastern Maine Community College, the University of Maine, and most recently, St. Joseph’s College of Maine, Aly considers herself a life-long learner.

Aly draws inspiration from her mother, Janet, and sister, Mandy, both active members of their communities, business owners, and generous in their philanthropic efforts to make Maine and their hometowns a better place to be for all.

(And of course, Captains Janeway, Picard, and the Borg Queen, but not Kirk or Sisco—"Because," she says, "the prime directive."

Finally, Aly is an advocate for those with food allergies, an avid cook, and a Bill Nye fan girl. When she isn’t training for marathons, you can find her hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping across New England with her boyfriend Matt, and 2 year old rescued pitbull, Echo."

You can find Aly on LinkedIn here.